Our Corporate Values

We live by the “Golden Rule”. We treat our Account Reps/Referrals like we would want to be treated.

Our Referral System


All referrals during this period will receive DOUBLE the commission rate listed below. So rather than 2% we pay 4%, 6% instead of 3% and 8% instead of 4%. Help a friend or family member generate real passive income and receive a generous, recurring, commission for as long as the investor has their funds in our program. 

We pay both clients and dedicated Client Account Reps a recurring monthly commission for all funds their referrals bring to the company. Not a one time thing. Referrals are paid every month the investors funds remain in the investment engine.

For investment referrals we pay 2-4% of the referring investor deposits every 4 weeks, recurring, for as long as the investment stays active within our program.

The commission scale is: <$50K is 2%, $50K-$99K is 3% and $100K+ is 4%.

At 4% for $100K worth of investment capital, you would receive a referral total commission of $52K every 52 weeks (paid $4K every 4 weeks). GUARANTEED.

Referrals also receive Retention Bonus’ the 1st week in December for all parties who have been with us for over one year.

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