Investor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Our Trading business has been in business and paying out to our investors since 2011 and never missed an investor payment. This group undergoes a financial audit twice per year.

Q: How do you make money to pay the Investors?

A: We leverage our investor deposits through our proprietary Crypto Trading and Mining processes to deliver a safe floor and maximum upside for optimal return on investment.

Q: When can we take our capital out of the initial investment?

A: Any time you want with at least 30 days notice. However 95% of clients remain to ensure recurring passive income. There is a small 3% final withdrawl fee that will be deducted out of the final proceeds and you must withdraw all funds; no partial withdrawals.

Q: When do I get my Payouts?

A: Your Payouts will be made on Friday’s of each week. Your first payout will be 4+ weeks, based on the next nearest Friday, from your deposit settlement and will be listed on your “Investor Deposit Summary” statement.

Q: What am I investing in?

A: You are investing in our proprietary Crypto Trading & Mining Investment service to generate the passive return on your investment. This is Passive Income Perfected. 

Q: I don’t know anything about Crypto, Bitcoin or setting up an account to exchange it. How do I setup an account?

A: We recommend Coinbase for our investors who are getting involved with Crypto for the first time. While it can be a little challenging to set up an account at first, we have many clients who have had it setup successfully within 24-72 hours and we also offer a separate Coinbase Setup service to setup your account for you.

Q: Where can I see proof of Payouts to your investors?

A: Most every Friday we post a handful of payout slips for the payments made to our investors. These slips show the amount the investor has been paid, the date paid and the before/after balance of our custodial account.

If you have any other questions please send us a message on our contact us form (bottom of the home page) and if we believe it is a question many investors, or potential investors, would find of value we will add it to this page.