Our Corporate Values

We live by the “Golden Rule”. We treat our clients like we want to be treated. We deliver with honesty. integrity and transparency in everything that we do. it is critical to us that you know, like and trust us with your investment capital and with your payouts. We have a 100% client satisfaction rating and we will do everything possible to ensure that it stays that way! We can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Our Business Model

We generate REAL Passive Income for our investors through our Elite Trading Team (London) and our highly efficient Mining operations. This hybrid approach to Crypto investing allows us to generate low cost mining profits that deliver a secure “floor” to our returns while the Trading experts generate our “ceiling” that provides a guaranteed return to our investors (10-20% every 4 weeks — 130-260% per annum) while ensuring a profitable operation to support our planned growth.

We are on a mission is to empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. Our minimum investment is only $10K. And privacy is necessary for economic freedom and we ensure that by requiring all investments be made in Bitcoin (BTC) and are paid to our investors in Bitcoin (BTC).

And we do this without the traditional problems that plague every other passive investment like having to watch their investments, quarterly or annual payouts, dealing with highs and lows of variable returns including the possibility of losing their valuable capital.

About Us

mark royer founderI am, Mark Royer, the founder of “My Crypto Mine” Investment services. As with many companies these days, we operate as a completely virtual firm in 10 countries.

My personal background is 38 years of Information Technology experience working for Software and Consulting firms across the US and the UK. I have been involved in Crypto for 10 years now and bought my first Bitcoin at $90.

Our Trading operation, managed out of London, has been profitably paying out guaranteed returns for over 6 years and has a team of 8 traders. Our Trading profits are more volatile than mining but it provides us tremendous upside. Our trading operation is audited twice per year and just completed the last one last month.

Our Mining operations are based on equity investments in existing Mining Data Center Operators. We do not buy rigs — we buy operators. This allows us to generate a predictable flow of profits without the hassle of managing rigs, electricity or any of the mining related details.

For investors, our offering is a 10-20% ROI paid out every 4 weeks (130-260% per annum) for as long as the investment stays within our program. Investments are deposited in Bitcoin and paid out in Bitcoin. No exceptions. Minimum investment is $10K and maximum is $1M per deposit.

Our Current Payout Scale rates (as of 9/1/2018) are:

  • <$100K = 10% every 4 weeks
  • $100K-$299K = 15% every 4 weeks
  • $300K+ = 20% every 4 weeks

For investment referrals we pay 2-4% of the referring investor deposits every 4 weeks, recurring, for as long as the investment stays active within our program. The commission scale is: $10k-$50K is 2%, $50K-$100K is 3% and $100K+ is 4%.

By the way, our best referral payouts are to existing investors so there is no reason you can’t make money investing and referring. We want you to make even more money!

We are running a Vacation Promotion to also give all new investors a Free 3-5 day Vacation to one of fifteen resort destinations valued at $500-$1,000 depending on the resort. This is managed through our promotional partner BookVIP.com which you can google at your leisure.